The Pacific Northwest District is governed by an elected Board of Directors through its adopted Governing Policies and in accord with the Bylaws adopted by congregations through their delegates to the Annual General Meeting, held each year at District Assembly.

Download the PNWD Governing Policies [PDF]

In 2003, the Board of Directors adopted Policy Governance, which reserves governance matters for the Board and recognizes that staff, through the Chief Executive Officer, is accountable to the Board for managing operations of the organization. The District Executive serves as CEO of the Pacific Northwest District, and is charged with achieving the Ends required by the Board within the Limitations set by the Board, as they are explicitly set forth by the Board in its Governing Policies.

PNWD Governing Policy is structured to address four “quadrants” of oversight by the Board:

  • Ends, which describe the aspiration and intent of the District
  • District Executive Limitations, which describe the Board’s standards of prudence and ethics, which the CEO must not fail to uphold
  • Board Governance Policy, which describe the Board’s expectations of its own process of governance
  • Board and District Executive Linkage, which describe the working relationship between the Board and the CEO

Of these four quadrants, primary importance is focused on the Ends. PNWD staff consider these Ends in designing and carrying out all programs and activities of the district, always asking, “Are the resources we’re investing in this activity furthering the Ends of the District? Are we spending the right time and money in the best possible ways to achieve the Ends established by the Board to advance the purpose of the district? Are we making meaningful progress towards the Ends we wish to achieve, and are we operating within the spirit and letter of the standards of prudence and ethics the Board expects of us?” Here are the current Ends Policies established by the PNWD Board of Directors. The full Governing Policies of the PNWD Board can be accessed through the link above.

Global Ends Policy (A statement of aspiration and intent)
The Pacific Northwest District is a welcoming religious association of thriving congregations, embracing many diversities and transforming their communities by living out their Unitarian Universalist values.

Who We Are: Catalysts for Spiritual Growth and Renewal
The Pacific Northwest District is recognized as a catalyst for spiritual growth and renewal. Our congregations:

  • demonstrate a depth of ethical, spiritual, and faith development as well as a depth of understanding of their religious identity as Unitarian Universalists.
  • invite and welcome people of many diversities, and embrace and integrate all seekers into the life of the community.
  • challenge one another to understand and address issues of privilege and oppression.
  • help create and actively support new congregations.

Our Faith in Action: Partners in Community Service and Public Witness
Our member congregations are visible leaders, beacons of liberal religion and havens for justice and equity. The Pacific Northwest is more just and compassionate because of our prophetic leadership. Our congregations:

  • embody our Unitarian Universalist values, giving them public voice.
  • develop prophetic leaders prepared to transform and heal the world.
  • partner in social justice and care for people and the planet, nurturing and modeling leadership in the wider world.
  • learn from and actively contribute to the Unitarian Universalist and interfaith communities.

Adopted by the Pacific Northwest Board of Directors, October 2, 2010