Denominational Support

The 2018/19 fiscal year brought a change to how congregations fulfill their pledges to their districts and to the UUA.

Contributions are no longer made separately to both PNWD and the UUA. Single payments are now made to UUA-PNWD and sent directly to the UUA. The UUA will distribute the district’s share to PNWD at the close of each month.

PNWD’s assessment of $27 per member has not changed. The UUA Annual Program Fund level remains at $60 per member again this year. Pledge forms sent to congregations in the spring reflected this combined total.

When congregations affiliate with the UUA, they pledge their support to the Association. Each congregation’s gifts to PNWD and the UUA Annual Program Fund are the fulfillment of a promise that has already been made. The 2018/19 combined pledge is designed to help make clear the fact that we are all one Unitarian Universalist Association – bound together in a network of mutual support as an Association of Congregations.

Make checks payable to: UUA-PNWD

Mail checks to:
UUA Annual Program Fund
P.O. Box 843153
Boston, MA 02284-3153