YearLocationThemeDatesTotal Registered
1963Oregon City, ORWhere Do We Go From Here?Feb. 15-17125
1964Yakima, WAWhat Sustains Us?Feb. 14-16 
1965Vancouver, BCComing, Going, Where and Why?Feb. 19-21293
1966Spokane, WACan We Be Leaders Still?Feb. 18-20 
1967Portland, ORWhat is the Church’s Business?Feb. 17-19 
1968Ocean Shores, WA Feb. 16-18195
1969Rosario, WAA Look at Our Selves, Church, AssociationFeb. 21-23183
1970Victoria, BCWhere Are We? Where Are We Going?Feb. 20-22 
1971Eugene, ORProjecting our ImageFeb. 12-14107
1972Alderbrook Inn, WAOn the Festivity of YearsFeb. 18-20103
1973Sunriver, ORWe’re All in the FamilyFeb. 23-25200
1974Parksville, BCPersonal RenaissanceFeb. 22-24250
1975Olympia, WAWalden Three: What Price Survival?Feb. 21-23187
1976Otter Rock, ORAge is a State MindFeb. 27-29240
1977Vancouver, BCTime, Learning & Love: A New Look at TransitionsFeb. 18-20300+
1978Issaquah, WADoing Our ReligionFeb. 17-19102
1979Spokane, WAOnward and UpwardFeb. 16-18101
1980Vancouver, WAUnique UUs United in Dedication…for Decade 80-90Feb. 15-17103
1981Yakima, WAMinistry – Preparations and ExpectationsFeb. 20-22114
1982Bremerton, WAThe Sound of Us AllFeb. 19-21248
1983Eugene, ORReligion as a Quest for Sacred LiberationFeb. 12-14260
1984Seattle, WAReligion in the New AgeFeb. 17-19338
1985Boise, IDMorning Side of the MountainFeb. 22-24220
1986Victoria, BC Feb. 7-9300+
1987Spokane, WA Feb. 13-15269
1988Portland, ORGather at the RiverFeb. 12-14371
1989Tacoma, WABlue Highways to the 90sFeb. 17-19262
1990Bellingham, WAShare the VisionFeb. 16-19267
1991Kelowna, BCBuilding BridgesFeb. 22-24262
1992Bellevue, WAThe Future of our TraditionsFeb. 14-16376
1993Ashland, ORWe Shall FlourishFeb. 12-14305
1994Yakima, WASpace and BoundariesFeb. 25-27404
1995Victoria, BCClouds and RainbowsFeb. 24-26536
1996Everett, WAHabits of the HeartFeb. 16-18518
1997Portland, ORRevive Us AgainFeb. 14-16475
1998Vancouver, BCGetting Real: Meeting the Challenge of Social ResponsibilityFeb. 13-15555
1999Spokane, WASpirit Garden: Seeking to Grow Things of BeautyFeb. 12-14325
2000SeaTac, WAChanging Challenges: Creating Peak Experiences in our CongregationsFeb. 18-20354
2001Eugene, ORThe Work of the New Millennium: Communities in Diversity, Diversity in CommunitiesFeb. 16-18345
2002Seattle, WARoots and Wings
(Last AGM with BC as members)
Feb. 8-10299
2003Moscow, IDTributaries to PeaceFeb. 14-16209
2004Victoria, BCLiving our UU Principles
(BC congregations are no longer PNWD members)
[344 total: 255 PNWD/89 BC]
Feb. 13-15344
2005Portland, OROur Continuing Journey of DiscoveryFeb. 18-20467
2006Port Townsend, WACreative CommunityFeb. 17-19408
2007Boise, IDKnowledge, Compassion, CommitmentFeb. 16-18310
2008Tacoma, WABlessing the WorldFeb. 29-Mar. 2419
2009Salem, ORGathering in PeaceFeb. 20-22314
2010Bellevue, WALet us ShineFeb. 19-21518
2011Portland, OREmbracing Joy! Spirit, Art and Activism
(A one-day event)
Feb. 5501
2012Anchorage, AK
Carry the Flame
(And celebration of PNWD 50th Anniversary!)
May 18-20200
2013San Jose, CA
Pacific Western Regional Assembly
Big Faith * No Borders
(includes PNWD Annual Meeting)
674 total registrants: PNWD 76, PSWD 191, PCD 341, MDD 62, Other 4
April 26-28
Ann. Mtg: Apr. 27
674 total
2014Spokane, WALove Beyond BeliefMarch 14-16310
2015Portland, ORPNWD Annual Meeting was held during the Portland General Assembly.June 24-28
Ann. Mtg:
June 27
74 delegates representing
29 congregations
2016Seattle, WAHosted by University Unitarian Church
(A one-day event)
March 5134
2017Eugene, ORHosted by The UU Church in Eugene
(A one-day event)
Feb. 25111
2018Portland, OR
Pacific Western Regional Assembly

Stories of Hope, Courage, Resistance, and Resilience
(includes all districts’ Annual Meetings)
690 attendees: PNWD 331, PSWD 104, PCD 151, MDD 98, Other 6

April 27-29690 total
(PNWD 331)
2018Spokane, WA
UUA General Assembly
Annual MeetingJune 19

* blanks indicate the information is not available in the district office files.