Faith Formation TrainingCongregation leaders are encouraged to attend one of the summer trainings on “Faith Formation 2020” in Portland, OR, or Federal Way, WA. These 3-day interactive seminars, presented by Vibrant Faith Ministries, come highly recommended by UUA District Staff throughout the Association.

Although presented from a distinctly Christian perspective, UU leaders can easily translate the experience to speak to the broader vision and practice of faith formation in our congregations. Clergy, Directors of Religious Education (children, youth, adult) and lay leaders interested in the meaning of faith formation will find much to stimulate thinking and growth in this educational program.

Goals of the training are to help us:

  • Understand the new context of faith formation and the diverse religious and spiritual needs of all generations
  • Understand the emerging vision of 21st century faith formation
  • Envision faith formation in the “Age of Networks” and learn how to create a Lifelong Faith Formation Network for the 21st century
  • Discover a variety of 21st century approaches and resources for faith formation in the congregation, at home, and online
  • Learn how to use the new digital media and web technologies in faith formation
  • Develop the skills for curating religious content and experiences for all ages and generations

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If you are interested in attending this training, please contact Janine Larsen, District Executive, to see about discounted registration fees by joining a PNWD or UUA team attending in either Portland (July 10-12) or Federal Way (July 16-18).

An overview of “Faith Formation 2020” findings and recommendations will be presented at District Assembly in Anchorage, May 18-20, by the Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams, Director of Congregational Services, UUA Pacific Central District. Look for Workshop #2C.

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