Vibrant, life-affirming, and transformational. That’s what congregation-based justice ministry is with a holistic approach. The Reverends Deborah Holder and Tera Little invite you to engage in, ‘A paradigm shift towards a holistic approach to congregational justice ministry,’ April 26-28 at the Pacific Western Regional Assembly in their Theme Track of ‘CROSS BORDERS’ all day workshop.

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Deborah and Tera describe their workshop. “Through experiential learning, music, video and small group discussions we will explore many concrete, spiritually grounded practices for promoting healing and wholeness both within and beyond congregational walls.

You can look forward to energy breaks throughout the day with singing and movement. There will be time for quiet reflection as well as lively participation.

The day will be guided by three movements:
1. Beloved Community as Radical Practice
2. Navigating Rank in Beloved Community
3. Small Group Justice Ministry as UU Spiritual Practice

We’ll discover justice-making as the deep practice of love and healing. And emboldened by the powerful vision of Beloved Community, we’ll discover how to bind our desire for spiritual integrity with our hope for social transformation.”

The Pacific Regional Assembly is a first time ever event inviting the four districts of Pacific Northwest, Pacific Central, Pacific Southwest and Mountain Desert into community to explore and celebrate Big Faith * No Borders. For details, schedules, other workshop and registration, link here to Pacific Western Regional Assembly.  For questions regarding the Regional Assembly, email the PWR Training and Communication Specialist, Lori Ragona,