Dear Chalice Lighter,

Thank you for pledging your support for the needs of Pacific Northwest congregations through the Chalice Lighter program. Did you know that since its inception in 1990, you have provided over $800,000 to help our congregations grow? This is pay-it-forward generosity, at its best.

Our Fall 2016 Call: Help Cascade UU Fellowship to Expand
The Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (CUUF), serving the Wenatchee Valley, WA, is growing and preparing to enlarge its facilities, having previously purchased an adjacent lot. Driven in part by the fact that their current Religious Exploration space has been deemed dangerous and unfit for use, CUUF has selected an architect and seeks support for developing the concept plan and a financial feasibility study for expansion. Meanwhile, additional funding is needed to create temporary RE space and to upgrade worship technology to increase visual and audio engagement during worship, focusing on facilitating multigenerational services. $15,000 is requested for these purposes, supplementing funds already raised by the congregation. Donations received in excess of $15,000 will go toward the Chalice Lighter fund for technology grants.

What was funded with the most recent calls?
Your generosity and a supplementary grant from the Undesignated Funds, both provided the $7000 that West Hills UU Fellowship in Portland requested for kitchen enhancements and the $18,059 that the UU Congregation of Salem needed for technology upgrades, in response to the spring call. Earlier, your donations to the winter call gave $15,855 to Olympic UU Fellowship for access improvements. Your help is making a difference!

Please respond now with your contribution to help our neighbor congregation in East Wenatchee.

Can you afford to give $20? We are grateful for whatever you can contribute. Payments will be accepted towards this call through November 14. Contributions received after November 14 will go into the Chalice Lighter Undesignated Fund. Ten percent of each call reimburses district expenses to administer the program. You can conveniently donate online using a credit or debit card at the PNWD Payment Page. While you are on the payment page, you may wish to fulfill your winter and spring pledges in advance, as well.

If you prefer, you may mail a check, payable to: PNWD Chalice Lighters, 12700 SE 32nd Street, Suite E-101, Bellevue, WA 98005-4317. Questions may be directed to or 425-957-9116.

Thank you for your generosity!

Sincerely yours,


David P. Cauffman, PNWD Chalice Lighter program coordinator, 360-579-4053

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