Salem WindowThe upcoming Pacific Western Regional Assembly will give us an opportunity to share visuals of our wonderful region as each of the four Pacific Western districts presents a brief slideshow.

Maybe your building has a stained glass window or other interesting artistic, natural, or architectural feature. Even if you do not have a permanent building, think about other features: chalice, altar, banner, or other unique images.

Please send us your best quality photo that helps represent our fabulous district as we share images with attendees from the entire Pacific Western Region. There are a number of lovely pictures on your websites and Facebook pages. Unfortunately, images copied from these locations are not of adequate quality for a presentation like this. Perhaps you can locate the original higher-quality image to send us.

If you have a great shot to share, see if it fits these specs and send it along:
Best dimensions : 1440 X 900 pixels
Minimum dimensions: 500 X 500 pixels
Resolution Maximum: 300
Resolution Minimum: 92

Images received by March 22 will be considered for inclusion in the PNWD slideshow. Please be sure to include your congregation’s name (not initials) when you send the photo. Send images to Lori Ragona,

*The above stained glass is in our Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem, OR.