CL no textThere’s a new resource on the PNWD website. Now when you go to our Congregations page and click on a state tab, you will find that we have added each congregation’s Chalice Lighter enrollment. We also include this number reflected as percentage of membership.

Why would you need this information? A couple of reasons. Congregations who are considering applying for a Chalice Lighter grant need to have at least 30% of their members as active Chalice Lighters in order to be eligible. Also, congregations who have been awarded Chalice Lighter grants in the past are expected to maintain or exceed an active enrollment of 30% for at least five years after the grant is received.


After perusing the newly posted Chalice Lighter enrollment figures for your congregation – and others – you may decide it’s time for a Chalice Lighter drive at your church. Please contact your Chalice Lighter ambassador about how to get started. If you do not know if your church has an ambassador, contact Dave Dierdorff. Dave coordinates the Chalice Lighter ambassadors in PNWD congregations and will be happy to help.

There is still time for your congregation to apply for a Chalice Lighter-funded Growth Technology Grant. Do you feel your congregation has been lagging behind in the technology area? Want to make some tech upgrades but short on funding? Take a look at the overview that includes grant eligibility requirements, equipment recommendations, links to product descriptions, and the link to online application. Applications are being accepted through December 30.

Grant applications for the Chalice Lighter Spring call are being accepted through February 10. Check the Chalice Lighter page for details, eligibility requirements, and the application.

Want to join our more than 1800 Chalice Lighters? It’s simple. Each individual Chalice Lighter pledges to give at least $15 per call to no more than three calls per church year. Enroll now and you will receive the appeal for the Winter call which will be distributed in early January.

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