CL no textFor 23 years, the PNWD Chalice Lighters Program has been providing grants to congregations, groups of congregations, or district programs that directly benefit congregational growth efforts. During the 2012/13 church year, we awarded three grants totaling nearly $50,000.

Chalice Lighter grants are intended to help congregations by providing funds to implement a significant part of their growth plan and may be used in many ways, including securing or increasing professional religious leadership and installing accessibility upgrades. How could your congregation benefit? 

Your congregation may be eligible for a Chalice Lighter grant if it meets these requirements:

· has at least 30% of its members enrolled as Chalice Lighters
· is an Honor Congregation
· has a formal growth plan

Applications for grants are accepted throughout the year. Proposals received by October 28 are eligible for consideration for the 2013/14 Winter Call; by February 10 for the 2013/14 Spring Call; and by July 1 for the 2014/15 Fall Call. Application and details can be found on the Chalice Lighter website.

After receiving a grant several years ago to help finance staff enhancements and facility improvements, we heard this from Seattle’s Westside UU Congregation (pictured right):Westside

“We feel truly blessed and can’t imagine how we could have
moved this far in one year without the help of the Chalice Lighter grant.”

Our PNWD Chalice Lighters pledge to respond with a contribution of at least $15 three times a year to help our fellow UU’s. Want to join us in strengthening Unitarian Universalism in the Pacific Northwest? It’s easy! Just enroll as a PNWD Chalice Lighter. Your first call will be the Fall letter, distributed in early September.

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