What do you know about immigrants, their history in this country, their experiences? Too often, it is distilled into dry summaries of demographics and statistics, or myths propogated with fear. Here’s an opportunity to hear from the immigrants themselves. A chance to learn some little-known facts of history and consider how America’s social and political structures shape our understanding of immigration and immigrants.¬†Paula Cole Jones and Kendall Renee Jones, leaders in Unitarian Universalist multicultural ministries, will lead participants to deeper understandings of the immigrant experience during this interactive workshop. Hosted by Edmonds UU Church, this workshop is open to the public; older youth are welcome. Plan to attend Saturday, March 31 from 9 a.m. to noon in EUUC’s Chapman Hall.

To register, contact SocialJustice.rsvp@euuc.org. Optional suggested donation of $10 accepted at the door, $50/team max. Fliers maybe be downloaded at http://euuc.org/ . Directions at http://euuc.org/global_pages/directions.php.

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