“We have radio, newspaper, magazines and that hot new device, T.V., to work with. Let’s find out how to do it.” This was (really!) taken directly from the registration material for Projecting Our Image, the 1971 PNWD Annual Meeting in Eugene, Oregon. The photo (right), included in the Changes newspaper registration publicity, is of the – as it was known at that time – Unitarian Church of Eugene and Lane County.

Also in 1971, Sen. Mike Gravel, from Alaska, made history through his efforts to release the Pentagon Papers for publication to the citizens of the United States. He made this bold move in an attempt to end the draft during the Vietnam War. He believed that if more of the truth was known about U.S. policy, that the war could be brought to an end. Sen. Gravel was a Unitarian Universalist, and member of the Anchorage UU Fellowship. The Pentagon Papers were published in the New York Times, but were also published in full by the Beacon Press, after being contacted by Sen. Gravel.

History is made by UUs from the Pacific Northwest. Come to the 2012 District Assembly in Alaska and share the pride. The event will be in Anchorage, May 18-20.  

In honor of the Pacific Northwest District’s upcoming golden anniversary and our District Assembly in Alaska, we will be offering occasional historical Gold Nuggets like this one. To read the collected posts, click on the Gold Nugget tag below.

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