As Rev. Richard Nugent, Director of the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances says in the previous news posting,   “…you probably have questions about how the implementation of the ACA will affect you.” That may well be an understatement. Never fear, we can help congregations understand how (and why) to complete the paperwork.

ACAPeter Henrickson, UUA Compensation Consultant for PNWD and for the Pacific Western Region, has provided easy instructions for congregations to complete the form notifying employees regarding their eligibility to enroll in the UUA Health Plan. As Peter points out in his article currently on the PNWD front page, not all employers are required to do this. However, all employers should do this. For church staff to evaluate their health plan options, they need to first know what coverage is offered by their employer. They then need to find an option that meets their needs and fits their budget.

Peter says, “For people without health insurance, or paying more than they should for inadequate coverage, it is a Big Deal. They need to find coverage they can afford before the start of the year. Information from the form will help in that effort.”

A new piece may soon replace the Affordable Care Act article on the front page, but you can always find Peter’s guidelines here in the PNWD front page archives.