The Rev. Peter Morales, UUA President, has announced that the requested APF “fair share” contribution will remain at the current $58 per member for Fiscal Year 2013 (beginning July 1, 2012).

President Morales noted that he has been in discernment with congregational leaders about the Annual Program Fund (APF) contributions, made by member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). The APF is the primary source of funding for the work of the Association on behalf of member congregations. The APF supports every aspect of congregational life, such as hymnals, music, religious education curricula and resources for ministers. A portion of APF funding is also provided to districts to help support local initiatives. A good summary of how APF contributions support congregations is found in the APF Brochure,  We Build This Community Together” (PDF, 8 pages).

Treasurers and budget leaders are encouraged to download the APF Handbook (PDF, 57 pages) to more fully understand the importance of prioritizing the APF when building and managing congregation budgets.

“Our greatest strength comes from our interconnectedness and mutual support as partners in this religious community,” said President Morales. “Your congregation can make the difference in sustaining our UUA next year and into the future by fully budgeting for and contributing to the Annual Program Fund. If you have additional questions, please contact or call us at 617.948.6512. Thank you for your continued support.”


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