Nancy bowen 153_192 Robert_Latham134_192GET RELIGION April 26- 28, 2013 with the Reverends Nancy Bowen and Robert Latham at the Pacific Western Regional Assembly. Theology and Practice of Unitarian Universalism as a Big Faith, with No Borders is one of three theme tracks being offered. The others are Grow Leaders, Cross Borders and an Option Track with a variety of short workshop offerings.

Rev. Bowen and Rev. Latham invite you to their all day track with this description, “Let’s explore the role and function of religion in human cultures and connect that with our contemporary Unitarian Universalist understandings of mission, theology, faith, spirituality, community, covenant and practice.

Our time together will be a lively combination of information, video, conversation, practices and music. Seekers of all ages will engage religious pluralism as a large group, in table conversations, with new friends and congregational or district ‘teams.’

Through shared conversation, we’ll recall the fascinating turning points that shape Unitarian Universalism. We’ll trace the development of religion and morality, informed by evolutional psychology. And we’ll discover how this story clarifies implications for Unitarian Universalism in the world.

We’ll explore current inter-generational distinctions and common ground, characteristics of a religious life, and the personal spiritual practices strengthen the community.

What will we make of the future of Unitarian Universalism, and how will we shape an impactful faith as individuals, as congregations and as a Region?”

For more information about this first time ever Pacific Regional Assembly, click here. You’ll find registration, a schedule of events, workshop tracks, full community, and children’s programming. Online Registration deadline is April 19. For any further questions after visiting the website, contact Lori Ragona, PWR Training & Communication Specialist,