Fifty years ago today, the Articles of Incorporation were filed to establish the Pacific Northwest District of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

The document was signed by: Maybelle Chapman, Eugene von Gohren, Clara Goering, Gladys Burns, Peter Raible, and Margaret Sanstad

Timeless words* from the late Rod Stewart, District Executive from 1970 to 1994:
“The principal resource of this District is, and always has been, the people who commit themselves for a period of time to the successful functioning. I’m thinking of Presidents, Boards, Committees, and many individuals who have brought their own dreams, ideas, and personal strengths to leadership roles and have left the District changed forever by their gifts. I’m thinking, also, of the consistently high degree of support that the District has received from its ministers. […] Neither the successful utilization of resources nor the creative adaptation to the environment would count for much, however, were it not for the enduring commitment of the District’s member churches and fellowships in the Pacific Northwest.”

For more recollections and photos, see our PNWD Anniversary page.

*Excerpted from Our Stories: The Pacific Northwest District of the Unitarian Universalist Association 1962-1987 by Gladys Burns.

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