Think “Justice General Assembly” is only about immigration? Think more broadly!

Our most vivid and plentiful learning experiences will be with the immigrant communities of Arizona during GA2012. But it is equally important that the good work of congregations across the country be shared so as to instruct and inspire us.

GA2012 is also about how UUs respond to:

  1. Racial and class oppression
  2. Economic injustice
  3. Environmental racism
  4. Prison ministries and the criminal justice system
  5. Demonization and prejudice
  6. Race and class privilege
  7. Citizenship and education
  8. Music and its role in social change
  9. Political organizing and activism
  10. Leveraging change through social media
  11. Religion’s historic role in social change
  12. Personal skills for cross-cultural engagement
  13. Story-telling, videography and journaling for change
  14. Worship and multiculturalism
  15. Congregationally-based social justice work
  16. Welcoming in an age of diversity
  17. Church endowments vs. social need
  18. Sequestered congregations vs. beloved community
  19. Religious education’s role in anti-oppression work
  20. Faith formation and spiritual practice around anti-racism, anti-oppression and multiculturalism. 

What would YOU add to that list? The GA Program Development Committee is actively seeking proposals from congregations.

Submit your workshop proposal by November 30. Click here for the workshop proposal submission form and guidelines.

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