Janine Larsen, District Executive of the UUA Pacific Northwest, has posted a Thanksgiving pastoral message to the front page of the PNWD website.

After experiencing jury duty during Thanksgiving week, Janine was moved to reflect on the human condition, our imperfect justice system, and the importance of an ongoing practice of gratitude as a way for UUs and activists to build resiliency instead of succumbing to hopelessness.

The prior article, posted in early November, was a summary of the publication for UU leaders, Interconnections. Diane Brinson, PNWD District Administrator, noted that this invaluable resource is even more useful and easy to share now that it is distributed in electronic format.

Diane points out, “Email subscriptions are available, and anyone can receive this free monthly newsletter. Peruse the InterConnections website for recent articles and tips. Search the archives for topics. Follow InterConnections on Facebook. Want to brag on something fabulous that your congregation is doing? Email InterConnections.”


Because front page articles on pnwd.org typically highlight important information for congregational leaders or provide pastoral messages any UU may find provocative or comforting, the articles remain available as archives. You can find the link to the archives at the bottom of the current front page article at any time. Or, view the archives now to see what you may have missed!