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The Boston offices of the Unitarian Universalist Association are moving next month. To accomplish the physical move, UUA Boston offices will be closed May 16-18. UUA email and phones will be out of service over these days, and this will affect UUA Field Staff in the Pacific Northwest District and the Pacific Western Region, too. PNWD phones are not impacted, but all email ending with “uua.org” will be temporarily unavailable May 16-18.

May 19 marks the first day at the new UUA headquarters! Email should be back up, including for field staff. Phone numbers for UUA offices and Boston-based staff will remain the same.

UUA staffers have worked very hard to prepare for the move. Anyone who has moved can imagine the chaos and extra stress of packing up while trying to continue “business as usual.” Oh – and let’s throw in simultaneous preparation for a giant event, too (General Assembly at the end of June). And, although staff are very excited about moving into office space that was designed for work in this century, many are grieving the loss of our historic headquarters on Beacon Hill, next to the Massachusetts State House.

To brighten this transition and show support of those who work on our behalf in Boston, why not send a “Welcome Home!” card to someone on UUA staff? Pick someone you know, someone at random from the UUA staff directory on-line, or just send to “UUA Staff” at 24 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA 02210-1409. (Please send an actual card through U.S. Mail, rather than email – time it as best you can to arrive 5/19.)

Then save that address for a visit if you have the opportunity to travel to to Boston! Throughout the three floors of UUA offices will be multimedia UU Heritage and Vision displays that tell our stories: past, present and future.

And above all – let’s be patient when we need something from our UUA staff. Despite best plans, things can go awry during a move as complex as this one. If your email or phone call hasn’t been acknowledged, wait a bit and try again. It’s possible the message just didn’t make it to your intended destination, or somehow got buried in the shuffle.