The monthly Congregational Bulletin from the UUA is now available. Contents are posted on-line at Many items are targeted to particular leaders, and most offer formats suitable for posting or circulating in print.

This month, the bulletin includes:

From Administration:
An announcement offering discounted rates to stay at the Elliot and Pickett Houses (PDF) starting August 14th through December 20th.
To post, Leaders and RE Directors

From Beacon Press:
An advertisement offering discounts on Beacon Press titles (PDF) purchased online through August 31st.
To post

From the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF):
The CLF, a unique congregation without walls, has announced course listings (PDF) for online learning opportunities.
To post

Order of Service Covers for your Fall Water Ceremonies (PDF)
For ministers and administrators

From InterConnections:
An announcement. Are you receiving the latest tips and stories about vital congregations? Sign up for the monthly newsletter (PDF).
For ministers, board members, church staff and all lay leader

From International Resources:
International News (PDF) from the UUA.
—For ministers, presidents, and publicity committees

From Joseph Priestly District:
An announcement calling for enrollment in their Jubilee Two Racial Justice Workshop (PDF) scheduled for October 7th-9th.
To post

From Multicultural Growth & Witness:
The fourteenth Catalyst (PDF) and fifteenth Catalyst (PDF), the newsletter of Multicultural Growth & Witness regarding racial and ethnic concerns, are now available for your reading pleasure.
To post

An announcement featuring the 2011-2012 Social Justice Calendar (PDF).
—To post

Social Justice Newsletter (PDF) calling for Congregational Study and Action Issue proposals and other news.
For social justice task force chairs

From Skinner House:
An offer for Congregations buying ten or more copies of Skinner House books (PDF) to receive a 20% discount. Discussion guides and other supplementary materials can be found online.
For ministers, DREs

From Stewardship and Development:
Stewardship updates (PDF) including information about the Annual Program Fund, a new stewardship blog, and news about Association Sunday.
—For ministers, board presidents, and finance and stewardship committees

From UUWorld
An offer for discounted congregational subscriptions (PDF).
For ministers, membership coordinators, office staff and board members

From Worship and Music Resources:
Worship and Music director, Erik Wikstrom, reflects on his work (PDF) at the UUA.
For musicians, clergy, RE directors, and lay worship leaders

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