Richard Nugent

Rev. Richard Nugent, Director, UUA Office of Church Staff Finance

A Message from the Office of Church Staff Finances regarding the UUA Health Plan and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

As congregational leaders and/or participants in the UUA’s Health Plan, you probably have questions about how the implementation of the ACA will affect you. The state-based Insurance Exchanges opened for business today, October 1.  Our congregations, religious professionals, and other employees now have an opportunity to reassess available health insurance options.  For some, purchasing insurance through their state exchange may make sense.  For most of us, though, purchasing insurance through the UUA Health Plan will remain the best choice for a number of reasons.

Nearing the end of its 7th year, more than 1,600 individuals in 350 congregations rely on the UUA Health Plan for insurance coverage in times of wellness and when illness strikes.   With premiums increasing on an average of just 3.5% a year, an extraordinarily rich package of benefits designed with UU values in mind, and superb customer service, our health plan has achieved its stated goals and much more.  Grounded in UU values, the UUA Health Plan recognizes the importance of protecting access to birth control and abortion services, provides equal access for same-sex-couples, protects the rights of transgender people, provides a hearing aid benefit, and offers supplementary benefits for those who have children with learning disabilities. And what other insurance plan not only allows but encourages participants to directly call the health plan director, not an automated call center, when questions arise?

The central goal of the UUA Health Plan is to provide high quality insurance to those who work on behalf of Unitarian Universalism.  During our annual open enrollment period in November, congregations and their staff will decide whether to trust the UUA Health Plan with their health insurance needs.  We anticipate a strong vote of confidence when individuals compare our plan, its benefits, its rates, and total out-of-pocket costs with those available on state exchanges.   For more information about the UUA Health Plan or the Affordable Care Act, visit the Health Plan website,

In faith,

Reverend Richard Nugent
Director, UUA Office of Church Staff Finances