The PNWD is having a 50th birthday party in Alaska! Should I go?  What will it be like in Alaska?  What will it be like to go to a big UU event in Anchorage?  Come explore the answer to these and many other questions with Rev. Sarah Schurr, in our special Webinar January 31, 7 pm PST to help you get ready to come to the party.

Rev. Sarah Schurr is the PNWD Developmental Outreach minister.  She currently serves congregations in Fairbanks, Juneau, and in Portland, where she makes her home.  She also serves as consultant to the DA planning team in Alaska.

Pre-registration is required, but do not submit a payment, this one’s on us. Registration form. For other Winter Webinar Offerings. For questions email the PNWD Training Coordinator, Lori Ragona at