Check out these interfaith resources for the 99%, from the website of Interfaith Worker Justice: There are congregational discussion guides for Muslim, Jewish and Christian congregations, and an outline for an interfaith prayer service, which “can be used or adapted for faith communities looking to reflect and pray on the occupy movement. ”

You may also be interested in the congregational toolkit developed through Faith Advocates for Jobs, IWJ’s campaign to tackle the unemployment crisis. These resources are also available at the Interfaith Worker Justice website.

Thanks to the Rev. Deborah Holder for this tip. Rev. Holder is the Minister of Beloved Community Formation for the UUA Mountain Desert District. She will be presenting a workshop for justice leaders in PNWD congregations on February 24 in the Portland area.

Having witnessed the power of religious collaboration, Rev. Holder says, “My prayer is that we…join these established interfaith coalitions with a respected and effective history of interfaith social change work in our communities.” She notes that often, Unitarian Universalists can have greater impact through followership, swelling the visibility and support of the already strong organizing of wise partners.

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