From Fairbanks, AK to Bend, OR to Sequim, WA, eleven congregational leaders from across the PNWD, are attending a semi-virtual leadership school with instructors Kristen Dillon and Tandi Rogers. October’s focus of ‘Leading Faithfully’ has students diving into the ideas of Functions of Leaders, Appreciative Inquiry, and Small Group ministries. How? The group meets monthly on a webinar to be ‘in touch’ and gather info on the topic of the month, then they receive resources and assignments via Moodle, a free Virtual Learning Environment hosted by the PNWD. Here they can view linked videos, post responses to teacher and participant inquiries, work on group assignments and ask questions. All from the comforts of their own home as it fits into their weekly schedule. Next month they’ll be learning a new way of looking at congregations with Systems Theory. Don’t you wish you were there!

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