The late Rev. Dr. Peter Raible’s signature is the second (and largest!) on the 1962 PNWD Articles of Incorporation. In 1987, while serving as PNWD president, Peter (in 1987 photo, right) offered this reflection on the occasion of the district’s 25th anniversary: “Our job is not to dwell on the past, but to use the past as a launching pad to zoom toward new horizons. We have many opportunities, but they are there only if we will work to realize them. We enter an exciting time for the Pacific Northwest.”

Fast forward twenty-five years to 2012. Plan to join us for our 50th anniversary and our very first District Assembly in Alaska. Hope to see you in Anchorage, May 18-20!

In honor of the Pacific Northwest District’s upcoming golden anniversary and our District Assembly in Alaska, we will be offering occasional historical Gold Nuggets like this one. To read the collected posts, click on the Gold Nugget tag below.

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