Perhaps you’ve heard by now that PNWD turns 50 this year. At our first-ever District Assembly in Alaska we will honor this occasion. If you can’t make it to Anchorage next week, take a look at our Anniversary Page to see a bit of what we will be sharing. Enjoy some pictures from times past, snippets from old board minutes, and quotes from the history book (Our Stories) compiled by Gladys Burns recounting our first 25 years. We have also included some wonderful recollections and greetings from long-time district leaders.

Our official date of incorporation is November 7, so check back occasionally as we add new treasures to the Anniversary Page during the next six months.

For PNWD history in a nutshell and some truly classic photos, take a look at the current article on our front page.

Hope to see you in Anchorage next week!

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