Dear friends in the PNWD and PWR, 

After securing approval by the Washington State Attorney General of our plan of dissolution, including asset distribution, the Board unanimously voted on Sunday, January 30, to dissolve the Pacific Northwest District. We are now in the process of paying our final expenses and distributing remaining assets. Next we will obtain a Revenue Clearance Certificate from the Department of Revenue, after which we will file Articles of Dissolution with the Washington Secretary of State. 

Our final asset distribution is as follows:

  • Alaska Fund: The total of $3,934.69 was split evenly among the UU congregations in Alaska ($983.67 each).
  • Chalice Lighters: As many of you know, the Cascadia Growth Fund has agreed to steward the PNWD Chalice Lighters program. Any assets associated with this program will be distributed to Cacadia Growth Fund ($25,975.29).
  • Closing Expenses: Tech assistance and attorney ($3,500).
  • Our remaining assets totaled about $83,000. Cascadia Growth Fund has generously agreed to steward this money as well, in a fund for PNWD area congregations in distress and in need of the help of the Healthy Congregations Team. 

Our emotional yet hopeful meeting on the 30th was witnessed by past board members, regional staff, and other leaders in our district. We are so grateful they joined our meeting and were with us through this vote.

Just as the PNWD Board dissolves, a new leadership entity is being formed. We are proud to say that Christina Davitt and Aria Curtis will continue their service to Unitarian Universalism on the Transitions Team for the Pacific Western Region. Alongside members of the other districts in the region, Christina and Aria will work to imagine and establish governance in the Pacific Western Region. 

We look forward to meeting at future Regional and General Assemblies, and continue to hold the congregations and communities of the Pacific Northwest in our hearts. 

In faith, 

Aria Curtis
Susan Howlett
Craig Cyr
Susan Christie
Joseph Bednarik
Christina Davitt