Within seconds, this news submission gets posted on the PNWD website and also lands in email boxes of subscribers. District news has not always spread so quickly! In 1962, PNWD’s first District Administrator, Marge Lueders, mimeographed a quarterly newsletter, PNWDigest, that she mailed using her hand-typed mailing list. From 1970 to 2004, District news took the format of a tabloid newspaper, called Changes. The mimeograph machine made way for light tables and typesetting. But Changes was distributed only three times a year. News-sharing improved slightly during the next six years when we collected news and distributed it with our quarterly Congregational Packets. Still, news was far from current. In March of 2011, this news blog debuted. Now we can share events well before they happen; we can include photos without waiting for the developer; and the turnaround time has improved by a percentage that I cannot even calculate! Share your congregation’s news. Subscribe to receive new postings. (See email field in upper left margin.) Spread the word about the PNWD news blog!

In honor of the Pacific Northwest District’s upcoming golden anniversary and our May 18-20 District Assembly in Anchorage, Alaska, we will be offering occasional historical Gold Nuggets like this one. To read the collected posts, click on the Gold Nugget tag below.

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