Dear Chalice Lighter,

Thank you for being a generous Chalice Lighter donor! Your gifts for the last fiscal year set a record, exceeding those of the previous year by 26%. Included, as shown in the attached annual report, was a record $23,889 grant of the proceeds from the Spring Call to the newest PNWD emerging congregation, the Inland Northwest UU Community. Your pay-it-forward donations represent us at our best.

This is your Winter Call for the 2021-2022 church year: Please help equip the Eastrose Fellowship Unitarian Universalist in Portland to provide hybrid church services. As congregations decide when to reopen, interest in “hybrid” in-person services, that can simultaneously be attended virtually by congregants in their homes, has mounted. This capability is especially valuable to serve those whose immune systems are compromised or who cannot or choose not to attend indoor worship services. Eastrose has planned a comprehensive professional turn-key solution to the problem and is willing to share their equipment list and operating experience with other UU congregations. 

Your congregation may be one of those who need equipment to provide such capabilities. If so, encourage your leaders to apply for a Chalice Lighter Growth Technology grant. An application form is available through the PNWD Chalice Lighters web page. The form contains further guidance on award criteria. We will review applications as they are submitted. At the present time, funds from the Fall Call are available to make immediate grants. We also invite applications to receive the full proceeds of the next Spring Call.

Please be generous!

  • Contribute $20, $50, or $100 online by following the links at the PNWD giving page.
  • Or mail your check, payable to “PNWD Chalice Lighters” to PNWD Chalice Lighters, P.O. Box 567, Brighton CO 80601. Include the PNWD-CL designation on your check and identify your congregation.
  • Donate also to the remaining calls for this year to save time later.
  • Choose to have your gift deducted monthly from your credit card or bank account using the PNWD automatic giving page.
  • Consider becoming a Chalice Lighter “Angel” by contributing an amount in excess of $1,000.

Questions? Please contact Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

David P. Cauffman, PNWD Chalice Lighter program coordinator   

Finer points: Direct costs to administer the call are reimbursed from the donations before the grant is issued. More of your money will go toward the grant if you opt for emailed call letters and make your contribution online.

P.S. Strengthen fellow UU congregations in your district with your Chalice Lighter contribution today!