After a period of much discernment, your Pacific Northwest District Board has come to the conclusion that it is time to dissolve our District organization, so that we might join with the Mountain Desert District, Pacific Southwest District, and Pacific Central District in becoming the Pacific Western Region. This is not a decision we’ve made lightly and comes after years of reflection and discussion from many leaders. 

We know that for many of you the crucial decision as part of this process is about what will happen to the PNWD Chalice Lighter Program. We are delighted to announce that the Cascadia Growth Fund will take over management of Chalice Lighters! Through promotion of planned giving, Cascadia Growth Fund, formerly known as the Pacific NW UU Growth Fund, has been administering funds for loans to congregations and grants for ministry in the Pacific Northwest since the 1990s and is well suited to carry this vital program forward. We will share more details about this transfer over the coming months, as it takes place.  

We anticipate our dissolution process will take about two months to complete. Over the coming months, we will be overseeing the transfer of the Chalice Lighter Program to Cascadia Growth Fund, dispersing any remaining funds, and preparing for the Regional Assembly. Leading up to, or during, Regional Assembly we plan to host a special PNWD Board meeting, at which you can witness the Board’s vote to dissolve, celebrate past leaders, and affirm the leadership of those continuing from the PNWD Board onto the regional governing body. 

We go forward with your prayers, hopes and dreams in all of our hearts and hands.  

In faith, 

Your Pacific Northwest District Board

Aria Curtis, Co-President
Susan Howlett, Co-President
Craig Cyr, Vice President
Susan Christie, Secretary
Joseph Bednarik, Treasurer
Christina Davitt, Member at Large