The Reverend Bruce Davis explains, “The work we do together, for the health of our congregations and for the care of our wider world, depends on our ability to collaborate effectively with one another. And, the sense of Beloved Community that we hope to foster among us in our church families depends on the quality of relationships that we maintain with each other in the course of that work. And yet, right relations among us don’t just happen. Effective communications and healthy behaviors must follow our best intentions, toward each other, toward congregational leaders, and toward the communities we hope to serve.

In this webinar we will explore what a Covenant of Right Relations is, how it may serve a congregation, and the process whereby such a covenant can be developed.”

Join Rev. Bruce Davis on January 12 at 7 pm PST via a Pacific Western Regional Webinar. This hour-long webinar is $15 per connection, which means whether you have one person participating in the webinar or a small group participating together, you still pay only the one fee. Link here to register. For the full Pacific Western Region Winter Webinar Offerings link here.