As bullying, homelessness, and suicide rates for transgender, queer, gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth skyrocket, support from liberal religious communities can be the difference between life and death. This webinar will bring together a panel of leaders from UU congregations making a difference for queer and trans youth—from sponsoring regular social gatherings to starting a staffed resource center. Hear their stories, find out about the ministry they are providing, and ask questions about how your congregation can get involved in this vital issue.

Alex Kapitan from the UUA’s LGBTQ and Multicultural Programs Administrator in the office of LGBTQ Ministries, facilitates this final webinar of a three-part series designed to help you re-engage your congregation’s welcome and learn new ways to extend the circle of love and inclusion. Attendance by congregational teams may be counted toward UUA recognition as a Welcoming Congregation or official renewal of Welcoming Congregation status.

Continue your congregation’s Welcoming Congregation Journey with “Queer and Transgender Youth Ministry” Tuesday, December 18, 7 – 8:15 PM Pacific time/ 8- 9:15 Mountain time.

Online Registration: Each webinar is $15. Your congregational team may view this webinar together for one connection fee of $15. Webinars that have low enrollment 48 hours in advance of the webinar may be cancelled, so please register early. Please don’t let the fee stop you from participating. For those that need no fee or a reduced fee in order to participate, please make a request to Lori Ragona at and Lori will be sure to get you into the training.


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