Have you always wanted to start a campus ministry but weren’t sure where to start? Do you wonder how you can encourage others in the congregation to support a campus ministry? Rev. Tera Little and Alice King invite you to join this webinar to learn how to start and sustain a vibrant campus ministry.

Join this webinar on Sustaining A Campus Ministry on March 19, 7 pm for $15 per connection. You may view this alone or with a team. Registration form. For other Winter Webinar Offerings. For questions email the PNWD Training Coordinator, Lori Ragona at training@pnwd.org.

To take advantage of our Pacific Western Region webinars you’ll need an internet connected computer and a phone. Webinars are best viewed on computer screens sized 13 inches or greater. Groups connecting to a webinar will experience better sound quality by using a conference call speaker specifically designed for either their landline or cell phone.

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