All adults working with youth face a continuous set of choices about appropriate boundaries.  Is it okay to text a youth?  Can I initiate a hug?  What about a ride home from youth group?  The challenges are endless, and sometimes not obvious.  Nancy Combs-Morgan, regional youth director for the Heartland District, will join Anne-Marie Davidson to present guidelines and specific examples to help you navigate this path.

Nancy Combs-Morgan has served on the UUA staff for the last 9 years as Faith Development Director in Heartland District, and for the last 6 months as the Coordinator of Emerging Models of Youth and Young Adult Ministries in MidAmerica Region.

Anne-Marie Davidson has served the PNWD as the Con Consultant for the last 5 years and has also been a youth group adviser for 8 years, both in Tacoma and Port Townsend.

Join this Youth Advisor Coaching webinar February 28 at 7 pm for $15 per connection. You may view this alone or with a team. Registration form. For other Winter Webinar Offerings. For questions email the PNWD Training Coordinator, Lori Ragona at

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