Dana Regan, Credentialed Religious Educator, has agreed to serve PNWD as Lead Consultant for Religious Education through June 30, 2013. Building on work begun by Kari Kopnick in this volunteer role last year, Dana will advise the district in supporting healthy programs in lifespan religious education, faith formation, and family ministries in PNWD congregations.

She’ll focus her service in three primary areas:

  • She’ll help the UUA’s district and regional staff identify qualified lay and professional presenters for workshops and webinars related to religious education, and to help identify and support RE leaders in serving as contracted consultants when congregations need more individualized assistance with RE programs, such as systems assessment, new program development, and DRE covenanting ceremonies.
  • She’ll work with the Pacific Northwest chapter of LREDA (Liberal Religious Educators Association) in promoting outreach to religious educators, and development of training and professional advancement opportunities for RE leaders, such as Renaissance Modules.
  • She’ll assist UUA field staff around the Pacific Western Region (Pacific Northwest, Mountain Desert, Pacific Central and Pacific Southwest Districts) in exploring inter-district collaborations, including opportunities for connection and learning at the 2013 Regional Assembly in San Jose, CA.

Dana has been a religious education leader and professional DRE in the Pacific Northwest for more than 23 years. She served as DRE at Northlake UU Church (Kirkland, WA) from 1989-1995, and was the DRE for Youth at First Unitarian Church of Portland from 1995 to spring 2012. She was recognized as a Credentialed Religious Educator in 2007, and has completed training for her certificate as an Interim DRE. She has chaired the Metropolitan Campus Ministry Council for the Portland area and has been a UUA webinar presenter on UU campus ministry. Dana is a past president of the Pacific Northwest chapter of LREDA and is also a past president of LREDA LARGE, for Large Churches.

Congregational leaders should continue to contact the District Office with any inquiries or requests (pnwd@uua.org or 425-957-9116) related to religious education or other matters. Your district staff will help you directly or put you in touch with Dana or another consultant who can best assist you.

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