Mark your calendars! Fall Con: Carrying The Flame is October 26-28, 2012, at Camp Cispus.  Registration Deadline Oct. 10th

As always, the YES Team (Youth Empowerment Services) would love to see religious educators and ministers come join Con, even if it is for a short time, say, from lunch to dinner on Saturday.
The theme of this con is “Carry the Flame” – which may sound familiar if you went to District Assembly last year.  We are focusing on ways we can build the kind of inclusive and accepting community we have at Con back in our youth groups and schools.

At con, inclusiveness and love abound – ideals that we wish were in our everyday lives, or to a fuller extent. This con will teach every one of us that we can create this in our own lives. We can all bring pieces of the con community back into the “real world” and make the world a better place for everyone. Come join us!

The Main Workshop will engage each attendee to explore and practice the elements of Con they can use to begin to transform their “ordinary” life into the “extraordinary” life they have at Con.

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