Ms. Kitty in the pinkThe Rev. Kit Ketcham was recognized for her 10 years of meritorious service to the UU Congregation of Whidbey Island (Freeland, WA) on June 24, as the congregation celebrated her on the occasion of her retirement. She was named Minister Emerita by the congregation.

The South Whidbey Record published a feature story on the event in its June 13 edition. The article noted, “Of her years on Whidbey Island she said, “These have been the happiest years of my life. I’ve been appreciated by this community and have been able to hone my skills as a minister and to grow as the congregation has grown.”

A well known figure on the island, for her music as well as her ministry, Rev. Ketcham performs as lead singer with the group Bayview Sound. She has been active in an interfaith clergy group in South Whidbey, and has been a prominent leader for justice issues, particularly LGBT concerns and marriage equality. She and the congregation made news in 2009 for providing its church building and minister’s service at no charge for weddings of same sex couples. The congregation had built its first church home the year prior, cheered on by their minister.

Rev. Ketcham completed her ministry with UUCWI as of June 30. She will retire to the Oregon Coast in the coming weeks, and will continue to blog at

Rev. Ketcham formerly served the Vashon Island UU Fellowship (WA) and Wy’East UU Fellowship (Portland, OR). The Whidbey congregation expects to formerly announce a successor minister in the near future.