Elizabeth Greene 2014As minister of Magic Valley UU Fellowship in Twin Falls, ID, the Rev. Elizabeth Greene is quoted extensively in a recent article published in the on-line version of the local newspaper, The Times-News.

Titled “Gay Marriage: Taking the Pastors’ Pulse,” the article reviews the stance of various churches on marriage equality, and offers comments from several Twin Falls clergy. Rev. Green speaks of her joy that marriage equality has come to Idaho. She recalls some of the history of Unitarian Universalism taking a stand for LGBT rights in Idaho and more broadly, mentioning the General Assembly resolution in the mid-1970s that endorsed ordination of gay and lesbian clergy and noting that today, LGBT ministers are very common in UU communities.

As of October 22, marriage equality in Idaho remains contested. Although marriages in Idaho are deemed legal and are taking place, the Governor of the state has filed a request for further legal review and vows to continue to fight to keep marriage in Idaho limited to “one man and one woman.”

In addition to serving the Magic Valley UU Fellowship as minister, through the PNWD Outreach Ministry Program, the Rev. Elizabeth Greene is recognized as Minister Emerita of Boise UU Fellowship, where she served for 25 years prior to her retirement in 2013. She was well known in Boise for her activism with the Boise congregation and for her regular contributions as a religion columnist for The Spokesman-Review newspaper.