confidence-gap-YAtrainingYouth Advisor Training? Why would anyone need training to hang out with youth on Sunday? Don’t you just listen to them ‘check-in’ and bring snacks? That’s all we did when I was in youth group.

Sound familiar? I have heard this many times. There is way more to youth advising than hanging out and listening to youth although those are certainly aspects of a good advisor.

The youth advisor training that is being offered on October 3 at Olympia Unitarian Universalist Church is experiential and trust-based. It is philosophical and spiritual. It is for adult leaders who want to meet other adult leaders to share experiences and stories. It is for advisors who want to learn the basics about youth programming and for those who want to step up their game. It is for church leaders who advocate for youth within the religious education program and within the congregation. It is for adults who want to model mentoring youth so youth will learn how to mentor youth.

Our own Jennica Davis helped create youth advisor competencies that are being implemented continental wide. These include: understanding developmental stages and how to incorporate differences into a program; how to create a safer youth program and what is appropriate pastoral care for youth; establishing an inclusive youth ministry program and understanding identity, privilege, and oppression. This workshop also incorporates these standards.

Please download this flyer and advertise this workshop. Talk to your religious educator or minister and try to send a couple of adult volunteers who will be working with youth in your congregation this next year. Register here. Your youth, their parents, and the congregation will appreciate it.

In faith,

Dana Regan, CRE

PNWD Lead RE Consultant and former Youth DRE