Chalice Lighter Program

The Chalice Lighter Program assists the growth of new and existing congregations in the Pacific Northwest by providing grants funded exclusively through our Chalice Lighter donors. This program is managed by the Cascadia Growth Fund.

Supply Preaching Directory

The PNWD Supply Preaching Directory includes a list of UU clergy in the Pacific Northwest who have indicated willingness to be called upon for supply preaching, workshops, weddings, and other rites of passage. This list is updated on an ongoing basis and can be printed out at any time. For convenience, you may sort by ministers in your state or geographical region. Ministers wishing to update or add information, please email Rev. Antonia Won.The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association follows guidelines established by the continental UUMA. The recommended fee schedule is available on the UUMA website.

The directory is compiled and maintained by the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the UU Ministers Association. Inclusion does not imply endorsement by the Pacific Northwest District-UUA. 

You may find Best Practices for Guest Preachers in UU Pulpits to be a helpful resource. It addresses the responsibilities of both the guest minister and the host congregation, and also offers suggestions for day-of hospitality.

Related Organizations

These are area councils or other organizations that have purposes and programs that are auxiliary to and support the purposes and objectives of the PNWD.