In honor of the Pacific Northwest District’s upcoming golden anniversary and our District Assembly in Alaska, we will be offering occasional Gold Nuggets. This first one – appropriately – addresses both our history and our gold rush state.

After his northern travels, our then part-time Fellowship Consultant, Robert Fulghum, observed in his October 1963 report to the district:

“Alaska is all I expected and more…a fascinating land of acute contrasts, overwhelming scenery – raw and harsh and awesome; a land of lively, dynamic people whose hospitality is warm and generous. The brand of Unitarianism found under those conditions is exhilarating and challenging. I certainly received more than I could give in return in the way of inspiration and knowledge about just what a real Unitarian fellowship might be. If the PNWD can bottle the special X-factor in Alaskan Unitarianism we’ll send samples to you all.” [From Our Stories, by Gladys Burns.]

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