Touchstones logoLast year we distributed Touchstones materials to our congregations of fewer than 100 members or served by a minister less than half-time. Overwhelmingly they declared it an “invaluable” and “fabulous” resource. Now Touchstones is available to every congregation.

The premise is simple — the creators explore hundreds of sites to curate the best materials available on a specific theme for the Touchstones monthly resources. They then compile each theme into a Journal (PDF), an extensive Worship Resource Packet (MS Word), and a Discussion Guide (MS Word). As a subscriber, you will receive these resources each month via email.

Want a free sneak preview before you commit? The creators have made the first 2013/14 issue, Beloved Community, available for free. You can find links to all three resources for August 2013 posted on the Pacific Western Region website.

A very informative flyer is available here. Besides subscription information, it also includes the monthly themes listed for the next five years.