Information to PNWD Congregations

For many decades we mailed bulky “Congregational Packets” containing printed event flyers, registration forms, etc. to our PNWD church offices. Once each congregation connected via email, we began distributing the information electronically. With this posting, we will also begin sharing these notices in our News in order to reach even more people. Please pass along

Youth Chaplain Training Feb 6-9, 2015

Youth Chaplains are individuals who work to affirm and emotionally support our UU youth by helping manage crises, ensure a healthy and safe environment, and bringing spiritual resources and support to the community. This training, facilitated by trained Chaplain Facilitators, will provide youth and adult advisors with invaluable life skills

November PWR Webinar Offerings

November online learning opportunities begin next week. These mini-seminars, accessed over high-speed internet with a computer, provide low-cost access to information and education for congregations on a variety of topics for lay leaders, ministers, religious educators, and members. By eliminating the barriers of geography, Unitarian Universalists across the region as well

Webinar: GLBT+ Youth Awareness

January 31,  6:30 PM – 7:45 PM Pacific Time Advising any youth about life altering decisions alone is difficult to do. Even more complex is how to advise youth who are struggling with their personal identity amidst a non-supportive community. This webinar provides information for those who are searching to

November PWR Webinars

Live webinars are a amazingly simple way to meet with other UUs across our Pacific Western Region in the spirit of learning. This month there are three webinars to choose from for you to participate in individually, or with a group from your congregation. Also take a look at PWR Webinar