The PNWD Front Page currently features an article introducing PNWD congregations to their recently assigned “primary contacts” on the UUA’s Pacific Western Region (PWR) Congregational Life Staff.

Staff contact assignments offer a one-on-one relationship to support congregational leaders or address quick questions. Congregational Ministers, Presidents/ Moderators and Directors of Religious Education received a message in late August from their assigned primary contacts, and each district directory of congregations now includes the assigned staff member’s name with congregational information. (Find your congregation and its Regional Staff Contact on PNWD’s on-line directory for AK, ID, OR and WA.)

The PWR Congregational Life Staff says, “We look forward to working with you as your local UUA staff contacts and advocates… All of us are confident that just as our regional motto proclaims, our Big Faith holds us all, with No Borders to limit us. Whether you need a phone conversation, a video call, a workshop, webinar or on-site consultation, we are committed to responding quickly and appropriately.”

Four of the seven “Generalists” on the Pacific Western Region staff are assigned to congregations in the Pacific Northwest District. They are:

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To find out more about staff assigned to PNWD congregations and other members of the Pacific Western Region Congregational Life Staff, visit the “About Us” page at the Pacific Western Region website,