Two new Pacific Western Region webinar series for those in Youth Ministries begin soon!


Good News in Youth Ministry is open to curious religious educators and advisors. This series explores our calling to spiritual wholeness alongside the youth in our congregations. What does youth ministry look like beyond youth group? What does your own spiritual maturity have to do with it? How do spiritually healthy partnerships between youth and adults work? Explore these ideas with Jennica Davis, Youth Ministries Specialist, and DRE Dana Regan, and prepare to take the good news back to your congregations!

  • Wednesday, September 19: Web of Youth Ministry
    We’ll explore Youth Ministry beyond youth group and working towards Full Community where youth feel the congregation is their spiritual home.
  • Thursday, October 11: Spiritual Maturity and Healthy Differentiation
    Developing Spirituality for Advisors, Sponsors and Teachers of Youth is critical to Youth Ministry. A workshop designed to encourage adults who work with youth to reflect on their own spiritual maturity: what are their beliefs and where do those beliefs come from? How do your beliefs help the youth you work with? Participants will also discuss their ability to work within their belief system while remaining in a positive relationship with those who are on a different path. What are some ways adults who work with youth do this?
  • Wednesday, November 14: Youth/Adult Partnerships
    We will look at reinventing “empowerment” to mean that youth and adults are traveling on a spiritual journey together. Spiritual partnerships depend on healthy boundaries, clear expectations and a shared vision.

Youth Ministry Coaching: A monthly Question and Answer coaching session for advisors and religious educators with guest speakers on relevant issues in youth ministry. These sessions will begin on September 26 at 6:30 pm Pacific Time / 7:30 Mountain time. For the full list of coaching dates see the Fall/Winter 2012 Webinar Offerings.

Online registration is $15 per connection. You are encouraged to participate in a webinar with your congregational team by sharing just one paid registration connection. You may do this via a large computer screen, or a projected screen and a conference call phone.For questions, email the Pacific Western Region Training Coordinator Lori Ragona at